Best Apps for Kids Review

Review: Best Apps for Kids 4.5 / 5 Stars

Veggie Bottoms Kitchen was recently awarded 4.5 / 5 stars on Best Apps for Kids! You can check out the review here and we’ve included some highlights below. Thank you to Stacy and the team!

4.5 / 5 Stars – Head into the kitchen and get cooking with the Chef Monty in Veggie Bottoms Kitchen. Discover lots of healthy recipes too.

This app is designed to teach kids about cooking and provide a subtle message about healthy eating. Kids can make their own combinations of smoothies by dragging four different ingredients into the boxes. As they drag the ingredients, they also learn facts about each fruit and vegetable. For example, kiwi grow on vines and chard contains Vitamin K.

Kids will have fun putting together smoothies and trying to guess Chef Monty’s recipes. Chef Monty’s reactions to their concoctions will amuse kids and entice them to create even zanier combinations. Kids who enjoy cooking with also find it fun to discover new recipes in the app and try making them in their own kitchen.

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