Recipe for Fun in the Kitchen

Where have we been? We’ve been busy remodeling The Kitchen and whipping up some new features and enhancements that will get you and your kids cooking healthy quicker and easier than ever before! It’s a recipe for fun and here are some of the upcoming features:

The New Customizable Shopping List

You’re making Blueberry Salsa but you don’t have cilantro, lemon juice or jalapeños? Now you can make a quick shopping list by tapping the checkboxes next to the items you need in the recipe and then tapping the Clipboard button. This will allow you to copy the needed ingredients to your clipboard, to Notes, E-mail, or share them via social media!

Your Favorite Recipes

Want to quickly get to your favorite Veggie Bottoms Kitchen recipes? Now you can easily favorite recipes and create your own customizable Favorites area. Just tap the ♥ icon on the recipe page to add to your list!

Quick and Easy Access

We’ve re-designed our home screen to allow you direct access to every piece of Veggie Bottoms Kitchen. Whether you want to jump directly to making your own smoothies for Chef Monty, or to your favorite recipes for banana bread or beet chips, you’re just one tap away!

Improved Tips, Hints, and Readability

We’ve included new and improved tips and hints throughout Veggie Bottoms Kitchen from animated help features for every screen to easy-to-understand hints to help you figure out Chef Monty’s secret smoothie recipes. We’ve also adjusted the fonts and text size for smaller tablet devices (such as the iPad Mini) to maximize readability!

Android Compatibility

Don’t have an iPad? Fear not! Veggie Bottoms Kitchen will finally be available for Android and Amazon device users!

These are a few of the many improvements to Veggie Bottoms Kitchen.
Stay tuned for the upcoming release announcement!

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