Veggie Bottoms Kitchen Helper

Coming Soon: Need a Kitchen Helper?

Need to quickly set a timer for that banana bread you’re baking? Perhaps you need to convert 2 tablespoons to teaspoons on the fly? Sounds like you need the Veggie Bottoms Kitchen Helper – coming soon to an app store near you…

One app to rule them all

There are as many timer apps on the App Store as there are fish in the sea and Led Zeppelin tribute bands … well … everywhere. And measurement conversions? I can just Google that, right? The answer to both is: yes. But what if you had a FREE app for your mobile or tablet (or both!) that was quick, easy to use, and was both a simple kitchen timer and a cooking measurement converter in one? With the Veggie Bottoms Kitchen Helper, you can! And did we mention it’s FREE?!

The Veggie Bottoms Kitchen Helper is coming soon and will be released for both iOS and Android devices along with updated versions of Veggie Bottoms and Veggie Bottoms Kitchen – Look for it in early October!

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