The Mighty Artichoke

Mighty Artichoke

We are a bit of a wacky bunch here in The Kitchen. After all, we did create an app where vegetable and fruit “bottoms” are the feature. And our follow up app is a kids cookbook and a crazy smoothie making game all in one! What can we say…

We see the world a little differently.

So when we look over the bag of artichokes we bought from our local farmers market and see an artichoke that looks like this…

Our Artichoke (Before)

We don’t just see an artichoke waiting to be trimmed and steamed and eaten leaf by leaf until you get to the delicious artichoke heart and… But we’re getting carried away. Forgive us, we do love our artichokes here at The Kitchen. No… We see an artichoke posing like a body builder!

The Mighty Artichoke

Our Artichoke (After)

But perhaps that’s us. Do you ever see faces or characters in your fruits and veggies? Take a photo and send it to us here. Tell us what you’ve named your fruit or veggie and what type of character you see – Or you can draw your own! Either way, be sure and send it to us via our form. We want to see what you see and maybe… just maybe… we’ll Veggie Bottomize your fruit or veggie!

Speaking of artichokes… Did you know that the artichoke is technically a flower bud that hasn’t bloomed? How about that 100% of the artichokes we eat in the United States come from California?

If you’d like to learn more about these healthy and delicious bulbs of awesome, check out the California Artichoke Advisory Board‘s website for more information. If you haven’t tried an artichoke, pick one up from your local market and give it a try!

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