Veggie Bottoms Kitchen Next Steps

Cooking Made Easier

Veggie Bottoms Kitchen has been out for almost two months and, so far, we’ve received lots of great feedback on the app! While the ratings and reviews so far have been fantastic, there’s always room for improvement and we’re already in the process of working on the next update! It’s all about cooking made easier…

How do you make the top-rated kids cookbook app even better?

Improved Text Readability
We’re re-working some of the screens and text for much better readability by increasing the font size by up to 30% in some instances and switching to a more readable font. This should really help out those users on smaller tablets (such as the iPad Mini) and will make working from the cookbook even easier!

Improved Secret Recipe Hints
Have your kids had a tough time unlocking Chef Monty’s secret recipes? We’ve heard from you and will be simplifying the secret recipe hints in the Test Kitchen to make unlocking recipes even easier – especially for our young Veggie Bottoms fans who aren’t quite at the reading age yet!

Android Support
For our Android users, the next update of Veggie Bottoms Kitchen will include an Android version released to the Google Play Store!

The Kitchen Companion
Have you been making one of our recipes and needed to set a kitchen timer? Perhaps you’ve needed to do a quick measurement conversion between cups and tablespoons or fahrenheit and celsius? Currently in development is the Veggie Bottoms Kitchen Companion – a FREE app for both iPhone and iPad that includes a simple kitchen timer and an easy to use measurement convertor!

All this and more will be part of our next Veggie Bottoms Kitchen release! Do you have any suggestions or features you’d like to see in our next update? E-mail the kitchen or leave us a message here in the comments or on social media!

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